YYZendurance 2018.09.08

Warm up:

Junkyard Dog Warm Up:

1. One partner holds high plank

One partner jumps over, then under 5x. Then switch.

2. One partner sits with arms out in a T and legs straight out in front of them.

One partner jumps over one arm, then legs, then other arm 5x. Then switch.




"Full Throttle"

In pairs:

Run 800m together (Studio YYZ to Lola, to Duplex, to Imperial, to Yonge, to Studio YYZ)

100 pull ups/ring rows (no jumping pull ups)

100 Sit ups

100 Pistols (use partner for assistance if needed)

100 Push Ups

100 Air squats

Run 800m together

One partner working at a time. Work load can be split however you'd like. 30min cap, no exceptions.

Cindy Tram