we offer 3 signature functional fitness classes and specialty programs to get your sweat on. all classes are open to all levels. small group classes with tonnes of hands-on coaching to get you the results you deserve! 



Mondays, Fridays
6:10am - 7am. 12pm - 1pm. 6pm - 6:50pm.

handstands, single-legged squats and animal flows, oh my! come learn to move your body in some less conventional ways and refine basics. spend time developing strength on the pull up bars, gymnastics rings and move your body through space. pair this with a spicy metabolic conditioning piece to increase body control and encourage fat loss.


Studio YYZ x Myodetox davisville Presents:

babies & Barbells (NEW)

Starting mon, nov 19th, 2018.

mondays, wednesdays

9:10am - 10:10am

a class programmed specifically for the uber busy mama bear looking to strengthen her core, shed fat and increase conditioning. we start by building strong foundational strength, layered with sweaty workouts to get your heart rate going. our program is co-designed with the help of physiotherapist to keep it tailored to your post partum needs and demands. our physiotherapist will host knowledge workshops on women’s health, fitness and wellness.

bring the little one with you, they are always welcome!


Tuesdays, thursdays
6:10am - 7am. 9:10am - 10am. 12pm - 1pm. 6pm - 6:50pm. 7pm - 7:50pm.

strength is never a weakness. this class is designed to build strength through using constantly varied bodyweight and free-weight training. learn to squat, perform push ups, pull ups, etc in a safe but challenging environment. say no more, you will never have to carry your groceries in two trips again! 


yyzteens (NEW)

Starting sat, nov 10th, 2018


11:10am - 12pm.

bored and nothing to do on a saturday morning? strength and conditioning is not just for adults! make new friends, move your body and get fit! play fun games while getting to know your classmates. learn new skills and compete to be the best version of yourself. snacks to be provided at the end of every class. exercise + fuel = happy teens! ages 12-16. those younger or older (up to 17yrs) are able to join based on their own comfort level.


6:10am - 7am. 12pm - 1pm. 6pm - 6:50pm

10am – 11am

get your sweat on! By combining battle ropes, bodyweight movements (pull ups, push ups, squats, etc), kettlebells and plenty more, this all inclusive class will help you build muscle, get your heart rate pumping, and put your metabolism to work.